You will recognize Jochen van Edens work at first glance - his colored pictures are not gaudy - his black and white photos are intensive - his style is distinctive. And his whole workings are intimately connected with music. His portraits as well as his reportages capture a tiny moment - almost hasty and often haunting intimate. A careful production can't be distinguished from a snapshot; this makes the magic of his photos. 

(Carina Meyer-Broicher)


Work for Fun

Documentation Fotografie in Bocholt Portrait

October 2007 - Bocholt (Germany)
Boredom, thirst, rainy weather, a old Ricoh KR-5 and

a roll of film with 36 photos. Freeze and compassionate two hours. Despite the friendly people from this funfair I can take pictures of them willingly. Melancholy takes place on this day across the city.
The wild mob with the unquenchable thirst for pleasure is already lurking and scraping behind the rainy windows and there is still so much to do ...

I'm getting to poetic!
Why have I shot at all? ;)

The Balkan Series

Documentation Fotografie im Balkan Documentary

A journey through the Balkans after the war. 

Hope for the hopeless

Art Photography Stills

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